1`不要丧啦 说不定你也是别人心中偷偷藏起来的光

Don't be sad.Maybe you are the light hidden in other people's heart

2`活着本来没有什么意义 但是只要活着就可以找到有趣的事情 就像你发现了花我又发现了你一样

Living is meaningless, but as long as you live, you can find interesting things, just as you found flowers and I found you

3`人生很多事 就像智齿 最佳的解决方式 是拔掉  而不是 忍受

A lot of things in life are like wisdom teeth. The best solution is to pull them out rather than endure them

4`我的迷茫和胆怯一直都在 但我告诉自己 就算是万丈深渊 走下去 也是前程万里

My confusion and timidity have always been there, but I told myself that even if it is a deep abyss, it is a long way to go


The world is healed by those who are willing to help themselves

6`世界上美好的东西不太多 立秋傍晚吹来的风 和笑起来要命可爱的你

There are not many beautiful things in the world, the wind blowing in the evening of autumn, and you who are so cute and laughing

7`如果担心现在才开始学某样东西 年纪已经太大的话 不妨这样想 就算因此放弃不学 年纪还是照样会变大的

If you are worried that you are too old to start learning something now, you might as well think like this: even if you give up, you will still get older

8`新鲜感是要和旧人去体验新事物 而不是和新人去循环旧事物

Novelty is to experience new things with old people, not to recycle old things with new people

9`要活成两种样子 发光和不发光 不发光的时候 都是在为发光做准备

To live in two ways, light and no light. When it doesn't glow, it's all preparing for the glow


It's also a kind of romance to place your heart beating and all your love on being alive

11`世界灿烂盛大 也有人欢迎你回家

The world is splendid and grand, and some people welcome you home

12`生活里的开心 60%来自美食 还有40%来自陪你吃饭的人

60% of the happiness in life comes from delicious food, and 40% comes from the people who accompany you to dinner

13`我频繁记录着 因为觉得生活值得

I record it frequently because I think life is worth living

14`这个世上本不存在完全契合的爱 互相磨合 其实比天造地设更加重要

There is no perfect love in this world. In fact, running in with each other is more important than being made in heaven

15`当你在夜晚孤军奋战时 漫天星光因为你而闪烁

When you fight alone at night, the stars twinkle because of you

16`走的桥多 不一定走的路就多 吃的盐多 不一定吃的饭就多 走路的时候有伴就不觉得路远 吃饭的时候有伴就吃得香

If you have more bridges, you don't have to eat more salt on your way, or eat more rice. If you have company when you walk, you don't think it's far away. If you have company when you eat, you can eat well

17`我最不懂事的时候曾经对他说你走吧 你会找到更好的人的 他回了一句让我至今震撼的话 他说我从来不想要什么更好的人 我只想要眼前的人

When I was the least sensible, I told him that if you go, you will find better people. He answered a sentence that shocked me so far. He said that I never want better people, I just want the people in front of me

18`你是天赐的礼物 我迟来的救赎 你是不灭的星光 日复一日的美梦

You are a gift from heaven, my late redemption. You are an immortal star, a dream day after day


1.Live a good life meet slowly(好好生活 慢慢相遇)

2.To meet is to sig on(遇见即是上上签)

3."Everything wins万事胜意"

4.Want to be your well_known joy(想要成为你众所周知的欢喜)

5.You're the one I'm still in love with(你是我退去新鲜感仍然心动的人)

6.You are as romantIC as the star(你与星光同样浪漫)

7.As long as it's you it's okay to be late(只要是你晚点没关系)

8.You're all over my eyes(满眼皆是你)

9.Looking for no one like you(寻寻觅觅无人像你)

10.I hope l am not chosen but loved(希望我不是被选择而是被热爱)

11.Don't worny,I love you(不用担心我在爱你)

12.You are my romance hidden in the stars(你是我藏在星星里的浪漫)

13.Around the galaxy there are no brighter stars than you(环游遍了整个星系找不到比你更亮的星星)

14.No one can match you(你无人能及)

15.Your preference is salvation(你的偏爱便是救赎)

16.I will run to you with tenderness(我要载满温柔奔向你)

17.Stay with me all the time(一直陪着我不要离开)

18.I hope you're here for me(我希望你为我而来)

19.You are my alien(你就是我的天外来物)

20.You are the best for me thank you(于我而言你是最好的)